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ginny2011INS e.t.c. is a Proprietary School operating under a Certificate of Approval issued by the Texas Workforce Commission. INS e.t.c. established in 1998 by Virginia L. Elkins (known in the insurance industry as "Ginny") with primary purpose of providing a better licensing preparation course for insurance personnel. Applying teaching techniques tested and improved on with constant feedback, INS e.t.c. boast an 89% pass ratio on first time attendees of P & C and L & H exam prep classes.

Since starting classes in Houston in 1998 word of the successful passing of the exam by attendees has spread throughout the state. Besides the regular monthly classes in Houston, Ginny has conducted both licensing classes in DFW, Austin and San Antonio and will go to any metropolitan Texas area and conduct the three-day classes with a guarantee of ten attendees.

Both courses are designed and instructed to help the attendee learn, understand and retain the concepts and principles of insurance. The information is not only necessary for the passing of the exam but also for their future in the insurance industry. These are not memorization classes, but will help one retain the knowledge to answer questions as they appear on the exam.

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